This is how you can save on your credit card

You may want to use a credit card to reduce your bank charges. If we have enough income for it, and a little care to manage our finances, we can only win with it. For most credit cards, the bank will refund a certain percentage of the purchase amount. Here are some good opportunities to earn tens of thousands of forints each year.


Use a credit card that provides a purchase refund

Use a credit card that provides a purchase refund

You can also reduce your bank charges by using a credit card that provides a purchase refund. Of course, many people have a bias against credit cards. This may be due to the fact that if we forget to pay back the credit card account in the previous settlement period, we will have to pay a fairly high interest rate as a result of our forgetfulness. There is no doubt that credit card business for banks is based on human forgetfulness. But if you pay attention to just a little , for example, setting a reminder on your phone when it comes to transferring money , you are certainly not going to be trapped by high interest rates .


Just a few simple rules to follow

Just a few simple rules to follow

The bank will send you an SMS notifying you of the due date and the amount due. And with a credit line replenished in time , we’ll be beyond all of our troubles. We still have to be careful not to withdraw cash from an ATM with our credit card , as it is significantly more expensive than withdrawing cash from a credit card. For our purchases, however, we will not refund the additional costs, but we will still be able to get back a few thousand forints a month, depending on how much we pay with the card.

For most credit cards, the bank will refund 1 percent or more of your purchase amount. This can save an average family thousands of dollars a month, and even after deducting their annual credit card fees and any other charges, they can save you tens of thousands of dollars each year .


Triple Refund Action

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A new promotion has been launched for Air Express credit cards available at OTM Bank . For credit cards applied for between May 18 and July 31, 2016, the bank will triple the refund for purchase transactions and service provider direct debits settled within the first maximum period of 4 months from the date of conclusion of the contract.

In addition to the standard 1% refund, you get an additional 2% (this is a total of 3% ) and an additional 4% ( 6% in total ) on top of the 2% on a regular partner purchase. Lidl, MOL and C&A are considered permanent partners, so the bank will give you a 6% refund on their purchase. We also need to know that there is a refund limit that we can’t win more with our purchases. For Air Express Blue credit cards, this is $ 10,000 per year, and for Gold credit cards, $ 10,000.

Of course, it is also important how much you maintain for such a credit card. OTM will waive the first annual fee of the main card if it reaches at least HUF 120,000 for Blue Card and HUF 210,000 for Gold Card within the maximum 4 months from the date of signing the contract. But since our goal is to get the most out of the bank with active card use, we can safely assume that we will reach the expected turnover. This way, your credit card will be free for the first year. Although the annual card fee will no longer be free in the coming years, OTM regularly launches extra refunds like this one, so you can easily get your credit card maintenance fee up to tens of thousands of profits each year.

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