Reasons to apply for a credit for studies

In a world as competitive as today, where things change from one day to another and technology does not stop showing progress, a professional in any area has the need to be constantly updated. That means not stop studying, even when a bachelor’s degree has already been completed or there are even master’s degrees.

You should stop seeing continuing education and studies as an expense, to start seeing it as an investment towards a better job and therefore towards a better future for you and your family.


Do not stop the lack of money

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The advantage is that there are now a lot of careers that one can choose as; Face-to-face and online. The one who cannot continue with his studies is because he does not have the money to do so or does not believe it is important.

For that reason, Harisa and Bolderosas Loan will be your best ally to get the Q10,000 you need to complete your English studies or the Q35,000 that will help you go abroad to learn a new language or take a master’s degree in a university recognized internationally.

It will be your best ally when it comes to obtaining a loan to continue your studies for several reasons; You will pay within your means and in a period that makes this process even more comfortable. You can apply for loans up to Q100,000 and you can pay up to 60 months. With interest rates between 3.25% and 4.75%.


Fast and unsecured loans:

Fast and unsecured loans:

The money you need, Harisa and Bolderosas Loan knows it. That is why in a maximum of 48 hours and after doing some simple procedures you will have the money available in your account. In addition, you will not have to leave anyone behind as their clients, since you do not need a guarantor.  

Accompaniment and continuous advice:

Before you decide on a loan, you will have complete advice to choose the best option for your needs and ability to pay. We want to help you improve without affecting your good financial health and your credit record.

Reasons to continue studying

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Knowledge: A few years ago the university degree was a direct key to a good job. But every day the competition is stronger and the number of graduates is greater. So take advantage of the opportunities to continue training.


Growth: What is new today, tomorrow is obsolete. Times are changing, and you must change with them. That means you will have to keep up to date with all the news in your field of action and that is achieved by continuing to study.


Learn another language: I have university studies and a good level of English. I already solved my future. ERROR. In today’s world, English is a plus, but if you want to ensure a promising future, you better think about studying a new language. Arabic or Mandarin could be a good option.


Choose abroad: Studying in European countries or in the United States will give you a boost to your professional career when you return to Guatemala. Not only because of the educational quality of these destinations, but also because as a professional you will have a more open mind, you will have left your comfort zone and after knowing new cultures, countries and people. You will definitely be another person and that is something that a company knows how to see and can take advantage of.


We hope that these tips can help you achieve all your goals, we want you to continue your studies in the best way. You’re ready? Request your advice to achieve your dreams


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