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Custom Compression Paddles

Our custom paddles are made for a wide range of OEM mammography systems. We take pride in the fact that our customers often prefer our paddles for replacements of OEM paddles - a testament to our value proposition.

About Our Paddles

Types & Functions

About Our Paddles

In mammography, breast compression is essential because it aids in immobilizing the breast, minimizing patient dose, and creating uniform density on the film. The compression paddle is that critical plastic part of the mammography machine which facilitates this function.

To be effective, paddles should have minimal effect on the x-ray beam, yet should be strong enough to survive the repeated cycles of applied force and release. Performance and service life of paddles supplied by the mammography equipment manufacturers, however, varies widely.

AR's solution is a line of quality, after market, custom designed and hand crafted paddles for the discriminating mammographer.

We offer paddles for replacement/upgrade, spot compression, magnification, small breasts, biopsy, and special purposes (see our exclusive Compassion flex paddles) for most mammography machines. All of our paddles are made with a minimum radius straight edge at the chest wall side and include OEM-type sensor marks (except biopsy).

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Paddle Types & Functions

Paddles and paddle plastics are available for replacement/upgrade, magnification, small and male breasts, spot compression, biopsy, for special functions, and for most mammography machines.

Replacement/Upgrade Paddles:

We offer custom replacement paddles and plastics in the ubiquitous 18x24 cm and 24x30 cm sizes. Our replacement/upgrade paddles are designed with extra strength as a feature since these size paddles are in constant use. We also offer replacement/upgrade paddles with a high chest wall edge option. Because users report better performance and longer life, AR replacement paddles can also be considered upgrade paddles.

Magnification paddles:

Magnification paddles and plastics are available in the standard 18x24cm size and smaller for spot magnification in 11x16, 10x10 and 8x8cm sizes.  As with contact spot paddles, essentially any size is possible.  Considered in the design of our magnification paddles is the magnification ratio needed, fixturing to the compression carriage and clearance from the mammography system's beam limiting device and face shield.


Small & male breast paddles:

Small and male breast paddles are shorter in the chest wall to nipple dimension, nominally measuring 24x11cm.  This shorter dimension leaves room for the technologist's hands to pull, hold and apply initial compression from behind the paddle.  Where possible, we also create space under the paddle's attachment arm for additional working clearance.  Custom size small breast paddles are also available.

Spot compression paddles:

In spot compression,  compression force is concentrated on the suspicious target area of the breast to better visualize internal structures.  Since the area in question can vary in size, we offer spot paddles for both contact and magnification in a variety of sizes.  Popular sizes range from our small 8x8 cm to our large spot paddle measuring 16x11cm.  Custom sizes and certain replacement plastics for OEM paddle frames are also available.

Biopsy paddles:

We offer highly customized biopsy paddles with a choice of square and rectangular "window" or hole pattern with standardized hole sizes from 7/16" to 3/4" (other sizes are also available).  The window or hole pattern is placed as close as possible to the chest wall edge for localization in that area. 

Our 11x16 cm biopsy paddle was designed with, and for, radiologists that specialize in needle localizations.  This ideal size is large enough to immobilize the breast yet it provides spot-like compression and enough room for wire placement. 

We also offer certain biopsy plastics for OEM frames, which can be ordered with holes or windows.  Coordinates are standard with our biopsy paddles (with some exceptions).

Special Compassion flex paddles:

Compassion flex paddles are generic nonparallel paddles that flex as compression force is applied.  This flexing action affects image quality and patient comfort in three ways:

1.  Breast tissue towards the nipple that would otherwise be unsupported is immobilized to prevent motion artifacts.

2.  Compression of this forward breast tissue can image more uniformly.

3.  Patients report less discomfort because compression force is not significantly concentrated at the chest wall but spread over a wider area.  For this reason, we name our paddles Compassion.

Compassion paddles are particularly useful for imaging older patients where there is typically a higher ratio of adipose tissue in the breast. 

The Compassion paddle design is an AR original, first introduced into clinical service in 1987.  Paddles are currently available in both 18x24 and 24x30 cm sizes to fit the GE DMR/800T/700T and AR Custom Medical Products' Mamm-Aire HF Mammography systems.